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Scribbling for jihad. Malvo case: defendant's trial exhibits.
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[Thanks Michelle Malkin]
posted by hama7 at 7:18 AM on December 12, 2003

My sense is that the jihad elements weren't the original impetus for the murders, but were used to justify them emotionally. They certainly haven't been used by the defense, even during the brief period when Muhammed was his own attorney.
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Now it is time for Roeper, CAIR and the militant Religion of Peace propagandists to face the facts once and for all. A chilling stack of evidence, introduced by Malvo's own lawyers last week at his capital murder trial, exposes accused sniper Malvo as an unrepentant Muslim extremist.

Malvo's violent drawings and anti-American and anti-Semitic rantings show him to be every bit as blood-thirsty, hatemongering and martyr-craving as any Sept. 11 hijacker or Palestinian suicide bomber.

I find it kind of startling that a paid opinion columnist seems more obsessed in her scribblings about connecting all of Islam to murder and terrorism than the scribblings of a Muslim actually on trial for murder.
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Look at her other stuff, XQUZYPHYR. This is par for the course.
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I also noticed several references to Bob Marley, both oblique and explicit.
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I blame the segregation caused by noughts and crosses.

Islam had about as much to do with this as Jesus did with anti-abortion bombers..

Psychos are psychos and murderers are murderers. Some people are just opinionated too.

She missed a few references there thought ^_^
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Look at her other stuff, XQUZYPHYR. This is par for the course.

ditto hamas7.
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it's fun how a murderer, if he/she is a Muslim, must necessarily be a "terrorist". sometimes a murderer is just that, a murderer (I agree that turning all Muslims into terrorists or terrorist sympathizers makes great conversation in various hate sites disguised as warblogs, and it's probably also a good way to impress Idaho Militia women, if one finds them attractive of course)

anyway it's always fun to listen to the right-wingers' obsessive squealing about the "religion of peace" Bush bit -- their favorite choice being of course "Islam = Evil", the old Coulterian recipe for invasion, killing and conversion to Christianity (the first two parts are already White House policy, we'll see about the third)

it's always healthy to remember people like ms Malkin that there are about 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide -- that's a lot of killing to do, if one is really keen on eradicating Islam from the face of the earth

and I also liked a lot HamasHeaven's minimalist way to make the point that Malvo is Al Qaeda

Look, HamasHeaven, a Muslim!!!!

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Look at her other stuff, XQUZYPHYR. This is par for the course.

I don't like Malkin most of the time, but I'll give her credit, she does have the courage of her convictions. She was the only right-wing pundit I'm aware of who was outraged over the Katrina Leung spy scandal.
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These are good links. Thanks, hama7.
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it's fun how a murderer, if he/she is a Muslim, must necessarily be a "terrorist".

But not if he/she is a Christian: In late 2001, antiabortion fanatic Clayton Waagner used packets of bogus anthrax to shut down scores of clinics nationwide. When he was convicted last week, the press was notably absent.
Chip Berlet, senior analyst at Political Research Associates, a progressive think tank near Boston, agrees that while the outcome was not in doubt, there was more to why the press stayed away in droves. "Once somebody claims a religious motivation for an act of terrorism," he said, "most people, including reporters and editors, become unglued." If Waagner had been a self-identified Muslim terrorist instead of a Christian terrorist, Berlet observed, "he'd have been lynched by now." Indeed, while news reports invariably note that he is a self-described terrorist, and dutifully quote him as saying so, they also studiously avoid use of the word "Christian."

"The notion of Christian terrorists is a place people don't want to go," Glazier agreed. "And the notion of there being more than one Christian terrorist is a place where people also don't want to go."

Reporters and editors often "fear to offend," added Berlet. "But if it's fair to say if we can see the religious motivations in the Taliban, we ought to be able to see them in Waagner or Eric Rudolph." He notes that although Waagner and his associates in the Army of God "represent a tiny fraction of the wider Christian right, people don't know how to make sense of it." And reporters, he says, "walk away from it."
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From Canoe.CA:
A judge has ruled that a Pakistani man convicted of attacking his 17-year-old fiancee with acid be blinded with acid himself, police said Friday. The judge ordered that a doctor perform the punishment publicly at a sports stadium.

'This is an Islamic way of doing justice," the judge wrote in his verdict.
You gotta admit--sometimes Islam doesn't create the greatest PR for itself.
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Death penalty same thing. I think in this case, the judge is trying to stop acid attacks on women (common in parts of Pakistan) by setting an example of the attacker.
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Death penalty same thing.

Not. The death penalty should be applied far more frequently and generously to unabashed, admitted murderer-freaks, if not worse.

More on acid attacks in Pakistan, although not exactly on topic, it gets much worse.
[last link via L.G.F.]
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Those Crazy Terrorists - James S. Robbins
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