Teeny Theatres
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Theaters of the 13th Dimension. Save a place for me in the Teatro della Demenzia! Exiting a movie at the Senator Theatre last night, we were intrigued by four big peepshow-type cabinets -- velvet curtains covered small doors, which opened upon tiny windows and a glimpse into the teeny world of Theaters of the 13th Dimension. Don't miss the gallery!
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The artist has a neat visual diary, featuring collages based on U2 songs and views of her other works, including Secret Art and arty renderings of toys in occasionally naughty poses. Anyway, toy theatres are nothing new, but Theaters of the 13th Dimension especially surreally, creepily nifty. Oh, and there are larger-than-life closeups on the desktop images page.
posted by kittyb at 12:31 PM on December 14, 2003

Wow, that's a lot of teeny theaters, and an awful lot of fun! Thanks for that, kittyb. (But, what? No "Theater of the Pancake"? - that's just flat-out wrong!)
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i love these--a mix of cornell and diorama! thanks!
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This is really really cool. Thanks!
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Beautiful. Thank you kittyb!
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So charming. I want to make one right this second.
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