Note anti-gerbilling wheels fore and aft.
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Monowheels and other vehicles with insufficient wheels.
posted by badstone (7 comments total)
Hot Wheel, the Embrio concept uses one less wheel than the Segway.
posted by michaelonfs at 2:45 PM on December 18, 2003

reminds me of The Entity episode of South Park where Mr Garrison builds "IT".
posted by Dillenger69 at 3:30 PM on December 18, 2003

This (1.4 meg video) looks like it could use brakes.
posted by daver at 6:24 PM on December 18, 2003

Okay, I want...

Although that Embrio concept is pretty damn slick too...
posted by Samizdata at 10:38 PM on December 18, 2003

Human ingenuity is an amazing thing.
posted by HTuttle at 10:51 PM on December 18, 2003

this was a really cool link, thanks badstone.
posted by triv at 5:09 AM on December 19, 2003

What amazes me is that alot of those monowheels are tech dating back to pre-world war two.
posted by LoopSouth at 6:57 AM on December 19, 2003

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