Richard Wawro
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Savant art: the amazing work of Richard Wawro.
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via Reality Carnival.
posted by moonbird at 6:48 AM on December 19, 2003

This is amazing.

Quick! Call Dustin Hoffman........
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Nice! Sorry for the self-link, O guardians of MeFi's soul, but I can't help mentioning that I just published a lengthy article on savant skills in the December issue of Wired (previously mentioned here) that specifically delves into the brain science behind phenomena like this:

Like other savants Richard has a phenomenal memory. He remembers where he drew each picture and has each of them precisely dated in his mind. He uses no models for his drawings, but draws from images seen only once, on television or in a book at one of the bookshops he loves to visit. He has perfect recall but often adds his own touches, interpretations or improvisation to the images.
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By the way, speaking of Dustin Hoffman, the best all-around website for information about savants belongs to Dr. Darold Treffert, one of the consultants for Rain Man, and the author of Extraordinary People, the classic book on the subject.
posted by digaman at 10:07 AM on December 19, 2003

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