The Rotten Library.
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Most people have heard of, the website of sick and twisted news and pictures, but a great and full featured documentary of "all that mankind swore to forget" can be found at the Rotten Library. Information on just about everything is here, from LSD Blotters to the Mountain Meadows Massacre to the anti-masturbatory history of Kelloggs Corn Flakes, just to name a few. Of course, you can also find dirty secrets about the Freemasons, Fluoridation, Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Kinderhook Plates, Lucky Luciano, Kevin Mitnick, and of course..... Michael Jackson.
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interesting stuff here...some of it is like wiki; some just sad
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Can anyone help me verify if Nixon actually said "That old cocksucker?" when told that J. Edgar Hoover died?
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Apparently he cursed all the time, keyser, in his tapes, but i wouldn't be surprised.
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Keyser: the "that old cocksucker" quote was in a J. Edgar Hoover biography I was reading once; look through Hoover biographies, and you may find an annotation.

Sorry, but I can't remember what happened to the book, so I don't know the title or author.
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I think the "joke" was that J. Edgar Hoover was a presumed homosexual, if he did indeed leave everything in his will to a male friend who lived with him for 40 years.
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Most people think he was more than presumed i think but there's little real proof--J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI chief, and his longtime companion, Clyde Tolson, were an ambiguously gay crime-fighting duo. Inseparable for 44 years, 1928-1972, the two top G-men vacationed together, often dressed similarly and continue their cohabitation even after death. They're buried alongside one another... Richard Nixon's obscene comment upon hearing of Hoover's death ("Jesus Christ, that old cocksucker!") perhaps describes the opinion of inside observers, but no letters, photos, diaries or reliable witnesses can carnally tie the two men together. The best "proof" comes from the wife of Hoover's psychiatrist; she claims that Hoover admitted his homosexuality to her husband during a confidential session. from J. Edgar Hoover: Gay marriage role model? in salon.
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MetaFilter: That old cocksucker.
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Metafilter: Try being original next time.
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Metafilter: I fit snarkiness in a tagline.
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The Banned Cartoon entry is quite interesting and was making the 'blog rounds last month.
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I was ready to jump up your ass for posting a link to, which isn't exactly new and exciting, but this library thingo, which I'd never paid attention to before, is possibly the greatest thing ever.

So thanks.
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MetaFilter: I was ready to jump up your ass.

Damn, you crack me up sometimes, STWC.
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Mark Chapman's due out in '04?

I wonder if Todd Rundgren knows about this?
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i have the hoover bio where the "old cocksucker" nixon quote is relayed, but my empty diet pepsi 12 packs are stacked againt that shelf at least 4 deep and i ain't in the mood to screw around with those, so you'll have to take my uncited word for it. nixon said it, but nixon was known for his propensity toward graphic profanity when among close advisors. i think it was al haig who said meetings were candid and "often full of cocksucker this and bullshit that". i doubt nixon was impugning hoover's sexuality. besides, the only people at all surprised anymore by the fact that hoover was gay are hopelessly deluded by the flatulent FBI mythos that was so precisely stage managed, and which was actually hoover's greatest acheivement.
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Love this one:
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milnak - that Woz write-up is absolutely hilarious - thanks for highlighting it
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