Satan's Laundromat
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I've become addicted to Satan's Laundromat -- a photoblog based out of Brooklyn that shows NYC daily in all its weird and wonderful glory.
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Portions of this site previously linked to MeFi in this post about flash mobs
posted by anastasiav at 8:23 AM on December 22, 2003

This is good. Real good.
posted by bluedaniel at 8:48 AM on December 22, 2003

Great! Those of us in the Great Flyover Zone can now peek into the juicy urban weirdness without actually having to live there.
posted by kozad at 8:49 AM on December 22, 2003

If you visit, don't miss the harrowing account of trying to stop a jumper on the Manhattan Bridge.
posted by languagehat at 8:57 AM on December 22, 2003

Definitely putting this in my spin cycle. Thanks A.!
posted by taz at 9:03 AM on December 22, 2003

This is the first time someone's posted domething to MeFi, and it's gone into my favourites folder. Truly a worthy FPP.

What took you so frikkin' long? :D
posted by Blue Stone at 10:09 AM on December 22, 2003

As a NYer, I'm finding myself scanning for people I know...those crowd shots are killing my eyes!
posted by adamms222 at 10:54 AM on December 22, 2003

Yes, excellent; thanks, anastasiav.
posted by carter at 11:57 AM on December 22, 2003

Went in my favs, too.
posted by internook at 12:20 PM on December 22, 2003

It's FPPs like this that make me hate MetaFilter. Thanks for wasting more of my valuable time.
posted by milnak at 1:45 PM on December 22, 2003

it is posts like milnak's that are proving my newly hard-won ability to love everyone even when they are crumudgeonny jerks. :)
posted by n9 at 2:20 PM on December 22, 2003

and it is re-reads of posts like milnak's that make me realize that *I* am the jerk. where's my crow?
posted by n9 at 2:21 PM on December 22, 2003

This rocks. I can never get enough of things like this. : ) I've not a native New Yorker but I've been there quite a bit. I love that place.
posted by SisterHavana at 2:31 PM on December 22, 2003

I can only add to the general thankitude of this thread.
posted by Fat Buddha at 3:18 PM on December 22, 2003

Great link, anastasiav, thanks!

ziboy is a photoblog that does a similar thing in Beijing China that you might find interesting too.
posted by madamjujujive at 10:01 PM on December 22, 2003


I can't see the pictures at all. What do I need to upgrade?
posted by realjanetkagan at 12:19 AM on December 23, 2003

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