A bunch of display type hacks...
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A bunch of display type hacks... who just happen to be the berries in my book. Ok, I'm a type geek, I admit it - and I've designed a couple of fonts myself... But the boys over at House Industries are without a doubt the hippest cats this side of a kerning table.
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D'oh! Sorry about that. I'm spending much of today coding some enhancements to MetaFilter, one of which is the edit functionality. It looks like you forgot to put in a title for that link, because it was blank in the database.

Other enhancements I'm working on are a more manageable archive area, ability to customize how many days show up on the front page of links, the search engine, and various little bugs here and there.
Also, due to a stupid post this morning, I'm going to have to build in a idiot filter to rid the site of "GET RICH QUICK NOW!" types of posts.
posted by mathowie at 12:09 PM on November 7, 1999

Thanks Matt, you're a gem. When I originally previewed the text, it looked fine. But once posted, the headline disappeared. I just attributed to the fact that maybe the quotes I used in the headline didn't get entitied, and got messed up when saved to the database. No biggie.

I love what you're doing on this site. It's unfortunate that nearly all community-based sites need some sort of bozo-filtration system.
posted by grant at 7:59 PM on November 8, 1999

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