when war was war & men were... airborne.
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b-26 marauder nose art often reflected a flight crew's courageous faith that luck would be a lady. or maybe not quite. chock full of great ww2 vintage photos, the b-26 marauder virtual museum is a sure go for no dough.
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is that a bomb in your chamber, or are you glad to see me? ;-)
~ nice q, thanks! ~
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The -26 was a great airplane but its crews had a love-hate relationship with it. It was fast, manuverable and could carry a large bomb load a long way -- but at a price of stability and ease of handing. The Marauder had a reputation as a crew killer, and its high wing loading and lineage from Martin Aircraft Co. in Baltimore, Maryland earned it the sobriquet "The Whore from Baltimore - no visiible means of support."
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My great-uncle was a '26 nosegunner, if I remember properly. He came home peppered with flak he bore for the rest of his life...but he did come home.
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a bomber pilot's memories.
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Nice post.

The A-26 went on after WWII and even saw service in Vietnam, and a number were converted for civilian executive aircraft use. I saw my last one on such a "mission" in about 1980, by then fuel prices, and affordable jets like the Lear, had pretty much driven converted bombers out of the exec transport biz.
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On a mostly-related note, my father's site has a large collection of B-17 nose art photos from the 303rd Bomb Group.
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such cool links! Thanks everyone. :)
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Nose Art.
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A (surviving) B-26 Bombardier's site.
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