Nothing on fire, though.
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The Bunny Museum
posted by konolia (12 comments total)
From what I hear, this is actually quonsar's room.
posted by 111 at 1:36 PM on December 29, 2003

And I thought we had a lot of rabbit collectibles at home. Not even close.
posted by tommasz at 1:38 PM on December 29, 2003

One of the proprietors, Candace, looks like she could use some sun.
posted by ubermesh at 1:41 PM on December 29, 2003

Laughed, after seeing only 6 were they really will multiply.
posted by thomcatspike at 1:47 PM on December 29, 2003

One must view the contents of this link with a knowing wry smile.

posted by hama7 at 2:48 PM on December 29, 2003

The proprietors of the Bunny Museum must be stopped. Or at least discouraged.
posted by Kafkaesque at 3:26 PM on December 29, 2003

There's something a little odd about that picture on the index page, of the woman in the blue top and the white shorts. She's holding a red-tipped white cane, which usually indicates that someone is blind. She's also wearing sunglasses -- around her neck. And she's leaning in to more closely examine a bunny -- presumably with her eyes. So, is she blind or isn't she? If she's blind, what's with the sunglasses, and more to the point, the sunglass cord thingy that keeps them around her neck? If she isn't blind, then what's with the cane? Is she visually impaired enough to need a cane, but not so much that she can't make out a stuffed bunny rabbit from two feet away? It's all very mysterious...
posted by skoosh at 4:09 PM on December 29, 2003

I happen to collect bunny stuff myself. Wonder how many people actually do collect bunnies-you always hear about the ones who collect bears or pigs.
posted by konolia at 4:53 PM on December 29, 2003

Oh, and how many of you clicked on this and expected to see Hugh Hefner?
posted by konolia at 4:54 PM on December 29, 2003

where's the fire?
posted by quonsar at 5:33 PM on December 29, 2003

Matt put it out.
posted by konolia at 6:21 PM on December 29, 2003

posted by cortex at 7:13 AM on December 30, 2003

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