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I love Maddox. When it comes to lambasting the opposite sex, slamming into Christopher Reeves, endorsing the beating of children and criticising the email he receives, he's one of the best. Pretty much anybody who's been on the internet will have visited his site, but just in case you haven't, then here's your chance. Warning... Swearing; Extreme Views; Bad cartoons; Large fonted cyan text on a black background.
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Yeah, Maddox rules, though NSF anyone with a conscience. This page pretty consistently delivers the laughs, to those of us spiteful bastards. I seem to recall seeing this on MeFi a little over a year ago. I don't know why I can't retrieve it from the search functionality, could be that he moved the site. Definitely good enough to post a follow up.
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Having never read Maddox before, I thank you this glowing gem. Granted, he's rude, not politically correct, has some pretty bad attitude towards women, and attitude in general. But when somebody writes material such as this: My bullshit detector went off, so I called into the show to slam him in the face with the sledge hammer of fallacy., there has to be some good to the person.

Thanks again for the link.
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Yes, the guy is a "guilty pleasure," which he would proabably list as one of the phrases he loves to hate. (I hate the phrase, too, and feel guilty about using it.)

I'm trying hard not to speculate about this cat's personal life, but...how many men feel this way about women, and how does it affect the women in their lives?
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...how many men feel this way about women, and how does it affect the women in their lives?

I feel this way about women and their aren't any women in my life, which is JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT.
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Wow. That was about as funny as an Ernest movie, and just as enlightening. But I'm probably uncool because I fail to appreciate his XXXTREME! sense of humor.

Oh, and note to self: misogyny is hilarious, particularly when it is blunt and obvious.
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Is it me or am I alone in thinking this isn't funny? Often, he borders on almost being funny, but succumbs to the easy cliche.

On preview: What Skot said.
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I think this is definitely one of those "love 'em or hate 'em" sites. pedantic: Are you alone in thinking this isn't funny. Nope. I'm guessing that at this moment a good percentage of our fine Metafilter readership will be scratching their heads and muttering "heh..." I love it though, and I'm not sure why. As Skot states, the site is misogynistic. There's no denying that, and I'm not going to hide behind some wanky I like it in a post modernistic way excuse.

So it's angry, and it's sometimes badly written, and it's sometimes inexcusable in its opinions. But for some reason, I really think it's one of the funniest sites on the internet.
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Wow, it's like having that drunk old bloke at the end of the bar on demand, on the internet!

Whatever will they think of next.
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I agree with pedantic: Maddox comes just... this... close... to being funny, but then you kind of notice that his outrageous similes are not all that creative, his misogyny is the misogyny of a man who hasn't had a whole lot of experience with women (which gives you much, much richer material), and his overall cultural critique is pretty much as superficial as the things he hates. It's always exhilarating to encounter an unbridled Id like Maddox's, but I have to wish he had a more penetrating intellect and a gift for language.
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Surprised I didn't see this joke:

What's the opposite of Christopher Reeve?

Christopher Walken.
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Faze, good person, you are spot on.

Angry is good, poorly written can be excused and I hesistate to call Maddox's writings opinions. I get the feeling he comes up with an idea knowing full well what response he wants to elicit and writes accordingly. He's writing to entertain, not sway opinions. I get what Maddox is trying to do. He's almost there. Over the last couple years, as I've tried to develop my comedic writing craft, I've become increasingly critical of how humor begets humor.

Take for instance Maddox's critique of childrens' drawings. On one drawing of a dog, he writes:

First of all, I don't even know what this is. If it's supposed to be a dog, then it's the shittiest dog I've ever seen.

I find it is stronger and more humorous if the foible is addressed. What is the worst dog he's seen?

With a small edit, this is stronger: First of all, I don't even know what this is. If it's supposed to be a dog, then it's the shittiest hamster I've ever seen. Then if he wanted to be self-deprecating, provide his own drawing of a gerbil.

I like to see more layered humor. Maddox is rarely this.
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He did the children's drawing critique? Now that I did not find funny at all. My opinion is being revised.
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Previous MeFi discussion of the kid art. Be forewarned: the first link of the first comment is NOT safe for work.
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I used to read Maddox a lot. It reminded me quaintly of the stileproject of olde but without the porn or dismemberment. I'm still vaguely of the Maddox rules opinion but then I discovered The Exile which is better written, more acidic, more brutal, more misanthropic, smarter, not safe for humanity and sometimes soul-flayingly funny.
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someone needs attention - dull
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Man with opinion & internet access.

Somwhat funny. Somewhat self-indulently boring.

Uh. Whatever. </irony?>
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He's a maths grad, I think that explains it all (stupid scummy complex analysis).

I like his guiltless grill article best. Fab stuff.
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Maddox is a poseur. If you're looking for a politically incorrect, misogynistic, well-written opionista, I'd suggest Jim Goad.
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I liked him better when he was called Cliff Yablonski.
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Never heard of him. Won't return. Next!
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I laughed, I cried, it's catty.
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Number of visits to this page in the last minute: 130

Now that's not funny.
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Another similar site.

A very interesting and somewhat offensive one.

Fortunately, they're all well thought out.
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Wow, I totally forgot about the misanthropic bitch. I'm amazed she is still online after all these years.

Maddox's humor eludes me. How many sites do we need to provide "jack-off material for white misogynists?"
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