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BollyWhat. Making Bollywood accesible to all. Including such wonders as lyrics translations, newcomer's guides and intriguing articles such as Masculinity, Bollywood-Ishtyle and a Hollywood FAQ for a different perspective. Explore and enjoy.
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Bollywood is also apparently embracing P2P file sharing.
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Its a brimful of Asha on the forty-five ...
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Looks like a great resource.

One Indian "classic" I'd recommend everyone see is Sholay, it came out in the '70s, and is probably on just about every Indian's favourites list. It's an Indian western, with cruel violence (in the unedited version), songs, drama, comedy, and some of the best performances by some of the best stars in Indian cinema. The movie was so popular with the Indian audience that it ran for seven years at a theater in Bombay. Almost everyone can quote lines from the movie, and there are some who even know in which scene which dog barks from which direction. The DVD version available in the US is the edited version.

Gross info alert
The unedited version has Sachin's character being roasted on fire amongst other things. In the edited version they show pieces of meat flopping around on a stick over the fire instead.
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[this is good]
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Bollywood, it's like the films come from a different culture all together! No wonder Hollywood is having trouble jumping the bandwagon.
Anyhoo, Shalimar: ' Someone's fevered imagination decided to combine the "B" film worlds of Bollywood and Hollywood and create a hybrid film that probably should have been drowned at birth, but I am grateful it wasn't as it manages to be so uniquely silly that it's wonderful in a warped sort of way.'
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A couple more Bollywood links (work that cursor).
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I was particularly struck by the grammatical correctness of the lyrics page. Quite the feat, when you consider that all the lyrics are being translated from Hindi.
Also, riffola, if you live in New York, you'll be amused to know that Sholay has been playing the last three Saturdays and will play at least through this Saturday at the Pyramid, the eighties club on 6th Street and Avenue B in Manhattan. It's part of the South Asian Gay and Lesbian Night festivities. I want to go just to watch it again!
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Gay and Lesbian Night festivities? Suppose it's the universal appeal it holds - I think Mossy is about to order a DVD..

Something I found interesting was that Sony have requested various lyrics to be taken down as it infringes upon their revenue stream to actually *gasp* make these lyrics intelligible to those lacking in hindi knowledge.

There are more recent Bollywood-Hollywood fusions - for example the recent Ssssh is a rip off of Scream (opposite names, same stupid movie) and is absolutely horrid. A more original movie like Kal Ho Naa Ho (set in New York) is much better - except maybe the Hindi cover version of Pretty Woman. Yes, pretty woman in hindi. The gujju song is a classic though, check it.
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