Journalism Net Picks of 2003
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JNet's Top Picks of 2003 : a random selection of some of the best, most topical or just plain fun sites for journalists.
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Random is right.

The selection of the Geektools Whois seems a bit naive. Why go to Geektools over any other Whois tool out there. I personally find's version more comprehensive, and certainly the windows client version is handier.

Likewise, using Alexa as a measure of credibility is a bit ignorant, as Alexa measures traffic by the usage of their toolbar. This is the very same toolbar that any self-respecting Spyware detection 'bot will wipe off your system in a heartbeat. All you can really tell through the Alexa statistics is how popular a site is with Alexa users, which are understandably a much small subset than the internet as a whole.
posted by thanotopsis at 9:02 AM on December 31, 2003

Yeah, these are good resources, but pretty far from "the best" out there.

(And I like's or CoolWhois.)
posted by Vidiot at 9:27 AM on December 31, 2003

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