Feeding on Itself: the list of lists
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Feeding on Itself: the list of lists This is a metalist, that is, a list of all the lists produced for each category of the usual year's end roundups. Example for best book there are some 18 different lists (link to) places presenting such lists. check your favorite list topics and list sources and see whether you agree. Or not.
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I don't understand why it doesn't contain a list of the best websites which aren't contained on a list somewhere.
posted by hattifattener at 3:41 PM on December 31, 2003

I hate lists. I hate the "Best of the year" lists because they rarely are. Maybe it is just human nature to categorize stuff. I dunno...
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The last I checked it included the New York Times' excellent Year In Ideas, but neglected to include the even more excellent New York Times' The Lives They Lived. I think a review of some of the year's notable departures is a very worthwhile excercise.

Last year, or perhaps the previous year, there was a post to a similar feature in a smaller publication. It was designed to include people whose lives were noteworthy but who were still likely to be overlooked by more mainstream media outlets. It was an excellent piece. I've been trying to find it but I can't get the right keywords. Does anyone have an idea what I'm talking about? Or other interesting reviews of notable 2003 passings?
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There's about 350 links in there, and I still missed a few. I've added The Times' "The Lives They Lived" link to the "PEOPLE" section of the list. Feel free to email any more additions. (I'm the listophile proprietor.)
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And here I thought you were talking about Russian heavy-metal fans.
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I liked this list, and the much-deserved praise given to AskMe! Thanks, rex.
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