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The Bodhisattvas of Babylon is a fan page of the Russian rock group Akvarium (or Aquarium, if you prefer). I usually stay away from fan pages of any sort as if they were the plague, but this one . . . well, I think it's a little special. Read the review of Acoustics. Download a song or two (never mind that the written content, of which there is a lot, is in Russian, as are the songs). Now visit the band's website.
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My sound's turned off, but I know I'm gonna give music props to anybody that pays homage to not one but two Steely Dan songs.
Let me know if they mention a fearsome excavation on Magnolia Boulevard.
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Acoustics, while an interesting relic, is in my strong opinion hardly Grebenshikov's best work (Boris Grebenshikov is the driving force behind the group and has been writing awesome songs for 30 years and counting). (Though one of the songs from it, S toy storony zerkalnogo stekla, is on my highly-adored list.) The full listing of their albums is more representative. Personally, this is my Aquarium playlist, spanning the past 20 years (switch your encoding to Cyrillic/win-1251). Also, there is Radio Aquarium, BG's favorite songs, mostly in English; and BG's songs in English, which appears to be dead.

Also, Aquarium will be on a (roughly bi-annual) US tour this February-March, with concerts in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and New York.
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