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Principia Cybernetica "tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies." [via Techno§hamanic]
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As a geeky, supplemental gesture, Jacques Lacan tried this way back in the last few lectures from his 1954-55 seminar. And much of the work done by Friedrich Kittler continues this pursuit, albeit with a much more thorough understanding of information technologies.
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This guy is at least tangentially related. His book, The Cyberiad, (and most of the other work of his I've read) is about taking the basic, glorious driving ideas behind the 'cybernetic worldview' and watching them go hideously, gloriously wrong when carried out to their natural conclusions. "How the World Was Saved" (from the Cyberiad) is a great example of this.
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