hobbits and wizards and orcs, oh my!
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The Encyclopedia of Arda A reference guide to Tolkien-can't tell an orc from a Uruk-hai? Stumped at what the three kinds of hobbits are? This website has the answers. Nicely laid out site, too.
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Yeah! I spent [mumble] hours last night perusing this remarkably deep, well-informed, well-written, and well cross-linked guide. Even if you're already a Tolkeinie, the articles on the differences between the first two books (Fellowship, Two Towers) and their movies are interesting.
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The discussion of whether Balrogs have wings goes on for pages.
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Another good site is the red book of westmarch.

Then again, it's not like there is any lack of Tolkien info on the web,
pretty much why it was invented, right? (unless you count the porn)
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Tolkien. Porn. Thanks to the Internet, together at last.
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Oh yes. I had forgotten about the "secret diaries of ..." humor.
Those are quite funny.

Day Eight:

Off to Mordor. Other members of Fellowship v. dodgy if you ask me. Especially Boromir.
"Teaching Merry and Pippin how to sword-fight", my Aunt Lobelia.
Obviously pervy hobbit-fancier who likes to roll around with small men in shorts.

Day Nine:

Aragorn just as pervy as Boromir. Obviously fancies Mr. Frodo. Will kill him if he tries anything.

The "will kill him if he tries anything" phrase was a favorite in all our corporate emails for a long time.
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There is also Greenbooks at The One Ring
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"Still not king."

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