A Comedy of Justice
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James Branch Cabell's Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice. One of the many treasures at Documenting the American South. Mike Keith's James Branch Cabell Page (Mike Keith has also performed and recorded an obscure symphony based on Jurgen). Owlcroft's overview of Cabell's work.
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There are many other interesting Cabell resources on the web, you'll find links to them within the pages I have linked to above. Browse deeply and enjoy.
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all things must go by tens forever
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tough old birds gnash teeth in anaheim for a tuppence.
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I hope this project doesn't stay too North Carolina-centric. Just to cite two examples, neighboring South Carolina's Low Country is a fairly different place from most of North Carolina I've been to, and the Texas Hill Country, although arguably on the western fringes of what we think of as "the South," is even more so.
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