As opposed to that authentic smoke...
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Fake bongs for conspiracists with time on their hands... But can square-jawed MeFites figure out what happened here? Remember, Captain Scarlet is indestructible...
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People expect bongs and bongs they shall have.

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This shouldn't be a suprise to anyone.

After all, Gorgo's mom had punched the clock several years back.
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Oh! That kinda bong, I feel gyped.
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Oh! That kinda bong, I feel gyped. {did the community ever decide, since the archives link was broken(it was pushed off the front page) while the thread was some what in action?)}
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The Big Ben microphones would, I am sure, have picked up the fireworks going off but they did not.

Isn't it relatively easy to limit an audio recording, spatially, by using directional microphones?

In other news, I have been wondering for over 3 years now whether the American president is smoking a real bong, or is simply an animatronic robot.
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Re: "gyped", from a previous link:

Sometimes when I hear someone use the word "gyp" I tell them, with a serious expression, that one can't use that word anymore because it's considered disparaging to Romani (aka Gypsies). In fact dictionaries disagree about its etymology. But the reaction to this joke is nearly always one of slightly terrified compliance. There is something about fashion, in clothing or ideas, that takes away people's confidence: when they learn something new, they feel it was something they should have known already.

Me, I don't know either way. Just saying.
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It took 6 posts before someone took a shot at Bush. Pretty sloppy people. You're better that that.
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I didn't use it with the intention of it being a racial slur and I apologize if it offended anyone.
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Get over the damned "gyped" bullshit already. Kee-rist.
posted by five fresh fish at 5:17 PM on January 5, 2004

Sounds like quite the scandal.
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Only International Rescue can solve this crisis and save us now.
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I'm guessing the 13 bongs may have been a radio/audio thing? 1st bong radio only, 11 bongs or radio and audio delayed by one second, and one audio only.

Or there's the old 75 seconds between bongs theory, so the quarter past bong is the 13th, but that's obviousely rubbish.

Something to look out for is Orbital's new year mix mentioned here (see the end of 1996). Top stuff.
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I believe the whole 13 bongs thing comes from Thunderball, no? That's how the brits signal that SPECTRE's gonna get the ransom for the A-bomb.
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Oh, and I think it's spelled gypped. Or it should be, anyway. Otherwise it would rhyme with griped.
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I felt gypped when I found no bongs here.
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It's -20c here today (first -- and last -- cold snap of the season). I woke up today with a nasty case of the gyp: I hadn't turned the bedroom heat on.
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I woke up this morning next to an open window, wearing no covers and indeed no clothes. I was sweating so much there were beads of perspiration on my arms.
It's gypping hot down here.
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Should I feel jibbed as well.. or am I just getting lost in slang?
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It's amazing how being Sicilian pretty much robs you of any sympathy for groups that bitch about the use of words such as "gypped" and "niggardly." We have to deal with crap like reading about how the Italian-American anti-discrimination league was really founded by the mob as a way of trying to get the media off their backs, not to mention movies and TV shows which depict sicilians as criminal masterminds with a penchant for emptying sawed-off shotguns into people's backs, when we're not making pizza and/or jumping around in bright colored outfits while stomping goombas and sliding through pipes.

Actually, those are pretty cool stereotypes, come to think of it. My racial group has a cooler stereotype than your racial group!
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*backs slowly towards the door, beads of sweat running down forehead, watching the sicilian with uneasy intensity*

Sicilians are a fine people, and their entrepreneurial instincts have made America a far, far better place. I would like someday to travel to sicily to pay respect your family and people.

*exits unscathed but for a missing finger, carrying a bloody horsehead, onto a busy London street where crisply dressed stiff upper-lip, pasty scone and fish'nchip fed Britons with bad teeth stop to check their time-pieces and stride briskly towards tea-time*

Hey! - What's that sound I keep hearing, that gassy bubbling noise that echoes through the streets once, a dozen times - it sounds like a smoky gas bubbling up through a cylinder filled with liquid and imperially regal ! Whatsoever could it be?
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Y'all can call me "paleface." I'll wear the appelation with pride.
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