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Old River Bill really knows inland workboats. Besides exercising his novel system of punctuation, Bill makes model tugboats and is a part of an avid community of workboat modelers. You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about how real work is done on rivers on how the hell we move 100's of thousands of tons of crap around the country every day.
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I came across this while doing a little research for my book. I needed to find out what the dimensions of a modern barge are (200' x 35' x 12'), but I walked away with much, much more. :)
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Thanks for the great link, badstone. Another segment of the scale model community--idiosyncratic orthography and all.
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The "Ugliest Boats Afloat" link caught my eye and the first thing I saw is this boat , which looks just like some tugs I have seen many times living here on the intercoastal waterway in NW Florida. That boat is one of three(?) that all have the same paint job. I have seen them for years passing through the Sant Rosa Sound. I thought maybe it could just be a similar paint job/coincidence, but NO!, the page says the boat plies, "coastlines, protected by islands that extends from Florida's - west coast, to Brownsville Texas." That's where I live. weird!
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Make that "Santa Rosa."
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