Need pancakes at 2am?
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Lunarama is a user-edited listing of late-night and 24-hour establishments listed by city. Anyone fancy adding a few? It'd be nice to have a resource like this when visiting a new city. It's much more comprehensive than simply looking up Kinko's in the phone book.
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Heh. I won't even start trying to list Bangkok. The shopping malls don't shut 'til 1am...if they shut that is...
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I'm trying to submit one for Dallas. I hit submit and it's been loading for ~ 5 minutes now. I'm sure the server is getting slammed, but c'mon already.

Definitely a cool resource though. Now if only there were one that listed independent bookstores and music stores by city.
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As somebody who stays up all night almost every night, I was interested to see in a magazine, a few months ago, a list showing that there are only about 15 places (plus a handful of gas stations owned by the same company) open all night during the winter months in the entire state of Maine.
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That's OK - there's only one listed here for Seattle, WA (and one listed here for Tacoma, WA.) And both places try too damn hard to be "cool and trendy."

Whoohoo. I love the friggin' nightlife. Rather spend my time at Fenix Underground.
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Ugliest website ever.
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Huh. Unless there have been a lot of closures lately there is more than one in Seattle. I'll see if I can add anything to that website.
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... Bah, their website is awful. I give up.

On the other hand, I notice that there exists ChefMoz, a restaurant guide that's part of the same project as dmoz (and the Google Directory). Much nicer interface.
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I'm submitting more stuff for my area -- it really needs more submissions (and more commentary from people who aren't trying to be hip) to be useful. This is something that is definitely needed, so I hope it works.

(I'm not having any trouble submitting sites... is it worse in other browsers? I'm using Safari.)
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yes! thank you so much, i've been looking for something like this for ages!
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