Feels Good All Over
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My other favorite blue and yellow web site. Yay! Mister Pants really is back one year later, just like he said he would be.
posted by badstone (6 comments total)
posted by eyeballkid at 2:14 PM on January 9, 2004

best news of 2004, by far.
posted by mathowie at 2:23 PM on January 9, 2004

Excellent! :: reacquainting myself with the junkyard ::
posted by LinusMines at 3:02 PM on January 9, 2004

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. It was one of the first things I checked on New Year's Day... I was a little discombobulated until I noticed the new content the next day. Definitely a good sign for 2004. I also visited the site and endlessly refreshed the unupdated site many times last year, to weep quietly and read all of his random reasons for being away. He is the fanciest.
posted by kittyb at 5:00 PM on January 9, 2004

Sorry, but if it's blue and yellow you're after there really is only one place to go.
posted by ciderwoman at 5:54 PM on January 9, 2004

Hooray for the pants!
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 6:48 AM on January 10, 2004

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