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TheSafetyNet.Org • A collective of men who are working to stop date-rape and sexual abuse. "When a person is raped, it’s trust that’s used as the weapon...We’ve decided that it’s time to reclaim that trust, reclaim that responsibility. Men Rape. Men abuse. And men can stop it."
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"what i know about Texas.....and down here... you're on your own.." from Blood Simple
posted by JohnR at 5:37 PM on January 10, 2004

Good link, dhoyt. While I'm pessimistic in a "preaching to the choir" kind of vein, I'll applaud any action that men decide to take to do what they can to prevent rape and abuse. I've found personally that one of the mose important things is just to talk to your friends and help them realize that it is an important and pertinent facet of life.

I've had at least three friends that will own up to being assualted sexually. Taking the taboo of talking about it away is the first and most important step towards prevention.

And these guys get bonus points for having a bit of a sense of humor on a very un-funny subject.

Lots more info can be found at RAINN
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