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Big Books Not exactly made for curling up in bed, big books are an interesting twist in publishing. From Bhutan to Antartica and Sumo to Boxing, these are more likely to be the size of your coffee table than to be on it. They probably cost rather more, too.
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In the Amazon link, be sure not to miss your chance to look inside the book on Bhutan. Even in small scale, the photographs are beautiful.
posted by jacquilynne at 11:36 AM on January 11, 2004

Pictures: AP story (CNN), huge (!) images from MIT.
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Here's one we talked about before.
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Hmmm...actually, that one says it was only 20" x 20". I thought it was bigger.
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From Amazon's Reader's Comments:
I was on the 73 bus on the way to my job at McDonald's and was thrown off the bus because the driver said my copy of this book was so big he couldn't see in his rearview mirror. Some kind of "safety hazard" according to him.

Sure, it's a great book and all, but if you can't take it along to read on the bus, what good is it?

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derail ... i like big books, and i cannot lie ... even not-so-great big books. /derail
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For ten K large, I'd expect a little more effort put into the bookbinding. That accordian binding seems like a good first try from looking at the photos.
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