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A collection of absurdly interesting stories. (Note to the gun-shy: not in Comic Sans.) via the always excellent JerryKindall.com
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done and done. sorry. still good reads (imo).
posted by mrgrimm at 1:09 PM on January 15, 2004

Yes. But it wasn't yet posted by me. So, now, done.
posted by stupidsexyFlanders at 1:56 PM on January 15, 2004

I think that the site has been posted here on MeFi before, but it was long ago, and there are now new stories.

Tangent: This story page is headed by a photo that concerns me. Could it not be considered child porn? I, personally, don't have a problem with the photo. I think that the current US cultural approach to pre-adult nudity is overbearing. But all that aside, in a strict reading of the law, is viewing that image illegal?
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MAN, is this good. Very good. Even for a double post. Thanks, Flanders.
posted by jonson at 2:54 PM on January 15, 2004

Much better, this site actually made me laugh and not because I was pitying the writers.

I will enjoy reading more of them when I can steal a moment.
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This is a good site. I'll read all those stories. I don't know about the questionably child-porn picture - when I clicked on
stupidsexyFlanders' link, I found myself looking at such a beautifully composed, surrealistically all-too-real picture of an entire landscape formed from used tires. Hundreds of thousands of tires, at least. The picture was framed through a gracefully arced archway of tires. It was a whole whole landscape, all tires except for a tiny tire-moving vehicle far in the distance. Tires : Like cheerios, or LifeSavers except black, much bigger, and made out of rubber.

The tire landscape confused me - it was so much like Ansel Adams had been reborn as a used tire photographer - for the fact that it seemed as if it should have been one of the panoramic backdrops for "The Lord of The Rings", except that I couldn't figure out whether the landscape should be populated by Frodo, Sam, and Gollum dragging on towards the Doomful Volcano or whether the landscape should be filled with tall, slender, magical elves - their golden hair backlit by golden rays amidst the tires, as in a 1970's Peter Frampton album cover picture - prancing and shuffling about in their special elvish manner which seems to suggest deep, hidden purpose - except in that case, the deep hidden purpose would have to involve tires.

The picture could also have had a garden gnome far off and tiny amidst the many tires.

It was a tossup. Nice picture. I'm tempted to try and buy a copy, so I can hang it in my newly redone bathroom with the clawfoot tub and expensive chrome retro fixtures. It would look good there, and I could alternately imagine elves or hobbits in it - depending on my mood at the time.

I liked the stories. Mine are better though - because they are all about me.

Except when they are not.

I wrote a story last week, on Metafilter, about how Gandhi had once worked for a few weeks at a Crown Petroleum gas station in Baltimore, while he was researching the viability of indigenous Indian gasoline refinement. The central theme of the story was really about the sexual tension between Gandhi - who was sworn to celibacy but slept with beautiful young women to work on his willpower - and the station owner, who was confused by the whole thing and attracted the to exotic, sari clad young women Gandhi had in tow.

A day or two later, I received an email from a woman who seemed to know a lot about Gandhi. Was it true, she asked? Could I provide details?

I took this as a form of praise.
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