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Back to the archive, one tape at a time. A new old episode of previously missing Doctor Who has turned up. It's episode two of The Dalek Master Plan which means we've now got three of the twelve parts that make up that story. Nine to go... (a clip with lots of Daleks in can be seen here).
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These guys have been restoring old Doctor Who episodes for DVD, and the site goes into great detail about how they do it. Fascinating reading.
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You are a nerd!
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Which is why British National Security will never let Triumph the Insult Comic Dog anywhere near a Doctor Who convention...
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I'm not enough of a DR Who fan to really understand what's going on here, and I feel like an idiot, but I'm confused. A lost VIDEO has been found, so they're releasing an AUDIO CD???? Is this the soundtrack of the video, a radio adaptation or what?
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Although I haven't seen Dr Who since I was a kid watching it on PBS in the early 80's, I've been fascinated by the idea that there are what, apparently more than a hundred lost episodes, ever since I read a blurb about the situation a couple years ago.

A quick google finds this page sumarizing the situation as of a couple years ago. Anybody got other links that cover this?
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Exterminate, Exterminate!
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To this Dr. Who nerd, the news is comparable to finding a copy of the Declaration of Independence pasted on the back of a worthless painting.

All the mystery and cult-like status of the lost episodes is confirmed when you read that some janitor stole a couple of tapes in the 70's and has been sitting on them for the past three decades. So cool!

I have almost a hundred episodes on tape (old VHS tapes from the 80's when PBS would air entire episodes), and thought I would try to go through them and XViD 'em, but the quality was so degraded that poor little VirtualDub couldn't compete. I am astonished at the amount of effort the BBC is putting into restoring and releasing old episodes on DVD. They are really going all out, though at the current rate of completion, the entire show won't be finished for decades and decades.1
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Yeah, the Daleks are real scary...until they try to chase you up a flight of stairs.
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Actually, they took care of that stair climbing issue (warning: RealVideo)

And yes, I *am* a Dr. Who nerd...and fiercely proud of it.
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Is this the soundtrack of the video, a radio adaptation or what?

The BBC hold copies of all of the 'lost' episodes as Audio from some off air recording that some fans did while they were watching the orginal broadcasts using a microphone taped to the speaker on the TV. They're releasing cleaned up versions of those.
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It's great that they keep finding more of these.

I still can't believe the BBC was stupid enough to chuck out it's archives in the first place.
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