Nightline: Baghdad Blogger
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Nightline: Baghdad blogger, Salam Pax, gives Ted Koeppel an interview and a tour of Baghdad.
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Salam and Riverbend are both upset over the Governing Council's vote to throw out the secular family laws and replace them with sharia.
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OK, I'm confused. I see nothing about Koppel or Nightline in the linked story; it starts with a few paragraphs of boilerplate about Salam Pax and then moves on to other stuff. What am I missing?
I'm taking it on trust that the story isn't just a random Salam link thrown in as a paper-thin cover for a linkless post.
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"war bloggers" are using the power and spread of the Internet to give voice to alternative news and views on the war and other events in the Middle East.

Welcome to war journalism of the 21st century.

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He was on Friday's show apparently. But ya, useless link for an episode gone by. Awesome.

"Friday, Jan. 16
A blog- short for a web log-is an internet diary without any editorial or space restrictions. Salam Pax, which means peace in both Arabic and Latin, is also the pseudonym for one of Iraq's most-read bloggers. Ted Koppel got not only a tour from Salam Pax but also a glimpse into the new freedoms of the average Iraqi citizen."
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