State of the Union scorecard.
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State of the Union scorecard. The president will deliver his State of the Union address on Monday night. makes it easy to keep score at home. (via TPM)
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Here's another scorecard. Wee!
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So I suppose if Bush mentions that the economy doubled its rate of growth over the summer (the fastest growth in 20 years), I'm going to have to check "Spun."

I prefer moonbiter's scorecard. Less whining. Tastes great!
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Im Going To Buy The Program Guide. You Get The Scorecard With It And Awsome Full Color Pics Of Whitehouse Superstars Like...

Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
Colin Powell

Plus The Sweet George W. Pull Out Poster

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In fact, what we have now is a president who spends like Carter and panders like Clinton.

From trharlan's link....
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It's Tuesday night, not Monday night. And according to the forums over at, it's being broadcast in HDTV.
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Keeping score?

Does this mean Bush gets yet another failing grade that is "corrected" to a "gentlemen's C" due to his family and wealth?

The price we pay for an unelected fraud. Anyone thinking an intelligent. capable leader getting a bj from a young gold digger is a really big, impeachable deal yet?

With Kevin Phillips, Paul O'Neill and other pillars of the party now speaking out loudly is there any doubt left of aWol's legitimacy?

Sadly the state of our country is bad and getting worse. Talking of Mars does nothing to solve our problems and the crony corporatists continue to rob the masses. It's easy to cast a "moral" vote when times are fat, what about now?
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Where is the drinking game like last year?

Nothing like watching W with a can o lone star. I was toast 15 mins in.

Oh. Here it is. State of the Union Drinking Game

More fun, less griping.
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