Poetic Justice?
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"First Wives Club" author Olivia Goldsmith dies. How? Plastic surgery.
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Of all the possible ways to go, during a neck job isn't one I'd pick....It's sad.
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This is really too bad. I liked Goldsmith, not for her novels which weren't very good, but for an excellent and entertaining little book on dressing well that she co-wrote with Amy Fine Collins called Simple Isn't Easy.

And yeah, what a stupid way to die. Surgery just isn't as risk-free as some people seem to think.
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She slipped into a coma during the aenesthesia, not the surgery itself. While I'm sure plastic surgery can be a killer, this would be just as likely if she, for instance, was getting her wisdom teeth removed or taking out her tonsils.
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Well the pulling of wisdom teeth happens under local anaesthetic, I've never heard of anyone slipping into a coma because of that... And the fact remains, the plastic surgery added an instance where she was at risk.
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"Would it kill ya to have a little work done?"
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I remember when I was 18 and about to go in for my second knee surgery (blown ACL), I overheard my parents talking about the procedure and some of the risks. There was something mentioned about stopped breathing, and I broke in and asked what that meant, and they looked at me for a moment before explaining that anytime anasthsia is administered, there's risks, and it's not uncommon for breathing to stop and artificial respiration has to take over and I don't remember all the details, but it was spooky to think that I'd done it twice already (one previous knee surgery and one tonsilectomy) and could *die* from a routine procedure.

I also had a friend whose grandmother passed away during a plastic surgery procedure. It does seem like a silly risk.

But then again, there's rock climbing, slot canyon hiking, river rafting... all things I've done which increase risk, and I've sustained some fairly serious (if not life threatening) injury while doing these things (and I'm not even a particularly adventurous adrenaline junkie type). Sometimes we lead our lives this way in order to get all the worth out of them that we can.
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I knew a man who went in for minor surgery under local anesthesia. Something went wrong.

He was in a coma for about a year then he died.

Nothing is safe.
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konoila : well dying is generally a safe thing to do. I mean onceyouve done it you cant say you did it wrong:)
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Well the pulling of wisdom teeth happens under local anaesthetic, I've never heard of anyone slipping into a coma because of that...

There I was, getting set to go and get my wisdom teeth out when I was 18 or 19. Bottoms were impacted, so they were gonna knock me out.

And my mom tells me this story about when she and my father lived in Colombia and were attending a party where someone asked her "Oh, did you hear about Lt. So-and-so?" and she said no, and was told that he'd gone in to have his wisdom teeth out and died on the table. Thanks, mom.

Granted, he'd been having it done at high altitude in the Andes, but still.

That said, I don't think getting your wisdom teeth out is the same sort of being under as open-heart surgery. They put you under for minor stuff like that with plain-old sedatives and barbituates, not the actual anaesthetic itself (which was in my wisdom teeth case novocaine, in addition to the gallons of happy-sleepy juice I had in me).
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Well the pulling of wisdom teeth happens under local anaesthetic,

Mine weren't, and the doc who did mine routinely does them under general, it's easier on you and easier on him, you get none of the aching and bruising. I had no problems at all...as far as I can tell I'm not in a coma.

(from the link)
Goldsmith was born Randy Goldfield in New York City

Was she transsexual, does anyone know?
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Randy can be a woman's name (I've known a female [genetic, even!] Randy.)
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When I had my wisdom teeth pulled they made me watch a video that detailed all the things that could possibly go wrong, the worst of which (in my mind) was possible permanent paralysis of the jaw.
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Hey, plastic surgery took out Amado Carrillo Fuentes (leader of the Juarez cocaine cartel). Nobody is safe.
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I saw God under the effects of nitrous oxide while having my wisdom teeth out.
Some observations of the effects of nitrous-oxide-gas-intoxication which I was prompted to make by reading the pamphlet calledThe anaesthetic revelation and the gist of philosophy (Blood, 1874), have made me understand better than ever before both the strength and the weakness of Hegel's philosophy. I strongly urge others to repeat the experiment, which with pure gas is short an harmless enough. The effects will of course vary with the individual, just as they vary in the same individual from time to time; but it is probable that in the former case, as in the latter, a generic resemblance will obtain. With me, as with every other person of whom I have heard, the keynote of the experience is the tremendously exciting sense of an intence metaphysical illumination. Truth lies open to the view in depth beneath depth of almost blinding evidence. The mind sees all the logical relations of being with an apparent subtlety and instantaneity to which its normal consciousness offers no parallel; only as sobriety returns, the feeling of insight fades, and one is left staring vacantly at a few disjointed words and phrases, as one stares at the cadaverous-looking snow peak from which the sunset glow has just fled, or at the black cinder left by an extinguished brand.
(If you are considering trying this at home, keep in mind that people regularly die from oxygen deprivation while zonked on nitrous. I know two people who've passed away that way.)
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What, no Michael Jackson comment yet?

Speaking of which, have you guys seen LaToya's face lately? Two celebrities who refuse to die in spite of too many plastic surgeries.
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Randy can be a woman's name

women can certainly be randy
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Complications during anesthesia is my biggest phobia. Ack.
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The difference between Goldsmith and someone undergoing surgery for *medical* reasons is -- she was almost certainly doing it for purely cosmetic reasons -- 100% elective surgery.

What price vanity?
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That's too bad. I met Olivia a couple of times. She was a hoot. That lady could make you laugh. She always had time to talk to aspiring writers, she always had time for her fans, and she made time to be friendly with most people that crossed her path. All in all, she seemed like a very nice lady.
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