George Bush Conspiracy Generator
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The George Bush Conspiracy long overdue, and will make the lives of certain Mefi'ers just a little easier. Still, I think it needs some work. It's nowhere near as clever as an old favorite, Web Economy Bullshit Generator, the output of which I've actually inserted in proposals.
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Oh yeah, people on mefi are constantly going on and on about how the Jews are to blame for everything. The message of this is, "All Bush opponents are anti-Semetic." It's definitely not clever.
posted by raysmj at 11:37 AM on January 19, 2004

Of course, if you don't like bush, you must be an anti-semite, and therefore a nazi. Isn't this part obvious?

That said, this 'generator' sucks ass. Not even remotely interesting, which isn't surprising given that it comes from activist conservatives, who are uniformly unintelligent, in my experience.
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George W. Bush allowed 9/11 to happen so that white men, Republicans, oil companies, big corporations, and the Jews could invade women.

Don't we all want to invade women?
posted by sebas at 12:20 PM on January 19, 2004

George W. Bush gave Iraq reconstruction contracts to his friends so that SUV owners, Republicans, the Jews, and big corporations could steal from women.

No, he gave reconstruction contracts to his friends so that SUV-driving Republican Jews who work for big corporations can steal from women more efficiently.
posted by The God Complex at 12:21 PM on January 19, 2004

Lame lame lame.
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I don't know... 'Ann Coulter wants to invade transgendered people'... sounds plausible...
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klaatu! EWWWWW!!!!

me, i think they forgot one victim - The American People. Come on, folk, think big!
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Dog, R. Robot's Self-Writing Right-Wing Weblog was parodying this shit 12 months before it even came out, you know what I'm saying?

People be thinking text generated satire is easy, but you can't just put together jokes from Ann Coulter columns. What'd he write this on, My First CGI Scripting Language from Fisher Price? Sheeeit.
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what raysmj said.

this is also lame for pretending everything the liberals are saying about him is simply made up. "What 10,000 *Dead Bodies* in Iraq? My Grand dad a Nazi lover? Hell no. Im sure high pollution industries will police themselves."
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To paraphrase Kevin Phillips - recent Republican apostate, author of "The Coming Republican Majority", and former member of the Nixon White House - on the Bush family dynasty : These are people who seem to have learned their politics from a CIA playbook on subverting developing world democracies.

Unfortunately, with the Bush clan, conspiracy theories are unnecessary. A mere marshalling of well established facts is quite damning enough.
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