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What makes for a great champagne chair? Design Within Reach sponsored a holiday contest to design a chair constructed from the cork and wire cages of champagne bottle. Judges had a difficult time deciding from the 400 entries that poured in. (via Buzz.)
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What cork-popping fun! It just shows that talent is everything and raw materials, well, 10 por cent at most. Cynthia Shore and Ingrid Jung are my favourites, for reappropriating the reckless 50s abandon that goes so well with champagne (or so I'm told). I also found it significant that the men are significantly less fortunate in their designs. Perhaps they took the raw materials too seriously? Teehee. Thanks once more, Juju!
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The irony of Design Within Reach is that a $1000 gift certificate will be enough money to cover a magazine rack and shipping. That aside, this is the best crafted and doesn't try to pay homage to trite bauhausian icons.
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Being into some vague notion of organic integrity, I like the designs that reflect the original shapes of the cork and cage, rather than the ones that just use the materials to construct a miniature version of a familiar chair. My vote goes to Mariflor de la Cruz.
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they're really fun (and Michael Bowen's is my fav)
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Once again, a great link that proves the mefi maxim: the number of comments is wholly uncorrelated with the quality and delight provided therein! madamjujujive, thanks for keeping the 'filter wondrous, especially on a day that has been more news-filter-y and tedious than most!
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How adorable! And gorgeous - some of these are just gorgeous. I like the Jeff Frey and the Kirsten Fritsch designs best. Thanks, mjjj! I'm a chair design freak and have to add this to my collection.

Two of my favorite chair links are design boom's Illustrated History of Chairs, and the bubble, ball, and egg chair gallery.
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