They support Kerry (but does he want it)
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Political and social commentary from the human potential left. I really can't describe this, but it isn't your father's poli-sci website.
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In their self-description this group, The Human Potential Left, celebrates: "The return from obscurity of wisdom technologies such as astrology." Do you need to know anything else? I think they may epitomize the "human potential" for self-delusion. In any case, the most famous astrology advocates ever to occupy the White House were the "human potential" Republicans Ron and Nancy Reagan.
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it isn't your father's poli-sci website.

You're right. Mercifully, my father is not that quixotic.

I believe that this story represents a watershed moment in our understanding of Saturn's transit of the natal Suns of the United States and President Bush.

*Vomits on shoes*
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"For instance, with the Sun in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius rising, one expects a man or woman of expansive vision, of wide perspective, of fiery, inspirational rhetoric, and of high ideals."

This is not my father's anything. Nor is it my anything.
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I am ashamed to say that this is, in fact, my father's poli-sci site. I am going to call him and ask him to take it down. Thanks a lot, dad.
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It might be your father's poli-sci website, if your father is a member of the Loony Ptang Ptang Zoooooop Party.

I'm just sayin'...
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I wanna love all my brothers and sisters, but whenever I see people discussing astrology without a rationalist sneer I feel the urge to get all punchy and kicky. I'm all POW, my fist rising in the house of your face.
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Joey Michaels' dad is a freak. Neener neener.
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 12:39 PM on January 22, 2004

Shut up!

*slaps pathetically at IJR*
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"In the last couple of days, Mars, the God of War, in myth, returned to the position at which it appeared to go retrograde in the sky (started looking as though it were going backwards from the Earth's perspective) on May 11, 2001. It also made a hard geometric aspect to the point of the Total Solar Eclipse of June 22, 2001. Along with all of this we saw on the ascendant axis of the U.S. the opposition of the Saturn, the planet of restriction, fear, and government issues and Pluto, the planet that kills and then transforms and set off a series of circumstances that were quite profound at a precise degree as well as the transiting Mars at a precise degree and minute stressing the vertical axis of the US chart. The vertical axis represents our homes, foundations and roots and the top of this axis is how we are seen by the world at large! A very eerie chart, indeed."
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