MeFi Service Pony?
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I know that we can't have a pony, but Don and Janet Burleson think that they'd make great guide animals. An informal poll done by the Discovery Channel found that 27% of people would actually prefer a guide horse over a dog, and there seem to be a couple of success stories out there. My first thought after I stopped laughing was clean-up... Of course not everyone thinks it's funny.
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If I ever go blind (so far so good, and I don't have hairy palms either!) I want a Clydesdale for my seeing eyed horsey.
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after a quick look at several US-based breeders, it seems like the price of a miniature horse (pet or breeding) can be anywhere between 600$US and 4000$US.

can you teach a minihorse to fetch? rollover? play dead?

I shall call him... Mini-Neigh!
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They're sooooooo cute. Don't forget about miniature donkeys ...
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I don't think they'd work in cities--imagine trying to get on the subway during rush hour with a horse.

I've heard pigs are really smart, and trainable--has anyone tried them?
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Can these horses help see double posts?
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Oh crap. I swear I searched for 'pony', 'horse', and '' in both the MeFi search and on Google, and came back with nothing.

This is what has prevented me from posting links in the past. Guess I'm too stupid and should have just stayed quiet.

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