Live from Davos
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Live From Davos: Frank talk and subtle spin as heads of state take Q&A from corporate honchos, in a session heavy on talk of terror: John Ashcroft shares the stage with Prince Turki al Faisal al Saud, Pervez Musharraf touts his vision of "enlightened moderation," the handsome young King of Jordan keeps his finger on the roadmap, and embattled Ecuadoran president Lucio Gutierrez takes a break from the tear gas to reassure skeptical capital markets. CSPAN for foreign filmgoers. (RealPlayer and Windows Media)
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Live from Davros?
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"Handsome young King of Jordan?" OK, so he's no Prince Charles, but he's no Wills or Harry either... (Was Hussein married more than once? I find it impossible to believe that Queen Noor is the mother of this man...)
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davros42, that was fucking stupid. is shillpages your site? do you pay the bandwidth bills? have you no clue whatsoever about downsizing images, serving them on your own nickel, from your own webspace? even if the answer is yes to all of the above, posting a 545x730 image on a mefi page is fucking stupid.
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What does Laurie Garrett have to say this time around?
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Well, I thought it was funny (albeit a little big...). In fact, I was going to make the same joke, but you beat me to it.

quonsar: May I suggest fiber?
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