Janet Frame dies at 79
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Janet Frame, New Zealand writer, is dead at 79. More information about her life, here, and obituary notice here. Nominated for the Nobel Prize for Fiction last year, I had hoped she might yet win. RIP.
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She seemed like one of the better not-quite-famous writers up for the prize in a while, too.
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How sad. But what a life she had! Maybe now they'll finally release Jane Campion's fantastic biography of Frame, An Angel at My Table on DVD. Frame's prose and poetry were wonderful. For those looking into her work, I recommend The Edge of the Alphabet. She had a beautiful vision.
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Trivial point: An Angel at my Table is available on DVD in New Zealand.
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nooo. i was just telling a friend about her, and about an angel at my table. i just watched it again a few weeks ago, i watch it every time it crops up on tv. janet frame was an inspiration. mother aotearoa has lost one of her most beautiful children.
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She lived in Andorra? Cool.
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