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Dont forget to duck! ..... (link to wmv movie file)
posted by MintSauce (8 comments total)
i think he wants someone to have sexual intercourse with him
posted by monkeyJuice at 3:49 AM on January 30, 2004

no, he was saying, "Duck me."

I don't know what that means, though.
posted by ColdChef at 5:13 AM on January 30, 2004

I'd rather have had Amanda De Cadanet screaming 'fuck me'.

Actually she wasn't that hot.
posted by Frasermoo at 5:47 AM on January 30, 2004

posted by Dr_Octavius at 5:55 AM on January 30, 2004


... I wouldn't advice turning up your speakers too high what with that whole "Duck Me!" phrase he repeats a few times (I'm sure your fellow employees might misinterpret it)... but otherwise yes, it's safe.

Hey MintSauce... How about next time you give just a scooch more information on the clip?

"reporter sets up cool shot - tells pilot to fly low - reporter doesn't realize the pilot is a true professional."
posted by KnitWit at 6:18 AM on January 30, 2004

That's cool.
posted by techgnollogic at 8:05 AM on January 30, 2004

Reminds me of the clip in Endless Summer II where the plane makes an unexpected crash landing on a beach.

I'm always careful when it comes to having big heavy objects buzz past me. My spidey sense tingles.
posted by tomplus2 at 8:11 AM on January 30, 2004

Very cool, I think he had nerves of steel for staying upright as long as he did (about what you'd expect from the "first man to win World Championship sports car races with a homemade car built in his home garage"). But why does the link title refer to "Alex" de Cadenet, the guy's name is Alain. /nitpick
posted by biscotti at 9:58 AM on January 30, 2004

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