24 hour garage people
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24 hour garage people HEY KIDS ! check out this happening place that plays the sonic flower grooves of the sixties 24/7 !
posted by sgt.serenity (17 comments total)
Back when music was music, dammit! And I wasn't even alive then. The biggest tragedy of music today is not that we're flooded with "pop music" but that the art of making great music has been lost or reduced to pressing a button to call up an insipid mechanical beat and an insincere lyric.

Obversley, you have arty twits who feel rock and roll has to be "improved" or "elevated," who regale us with conteptuos self-indulgent wankarama.

Basically, after the last great blasts of punk, hip-hop & grunge, the businessman and the art-farts took over. They thought they were fighting eachother, but what they both killed was the art of the unapologetic 3-minute rock and roll single. bastards.

But with this I can remember when.

Thanks, sarge.
posted by jonmc at 9:11 AM on February 1, 2004

it's groovy! thanks sgt. (and don't worry jon--something really new will come up soon--it's time)
posted by amberglow at 9:46 AM on February 1, 2004

haven't enjoyed seeing a new page more in quite a while...thanks

synchronistic to the impending fab four fourtieth onslaught...
posted by aiq at 9:49 AM on February 1, 2004

awesome! thank you for sending this our way.
posted by jasonspaceman at 10:16 AM on February 1, 2004

Wow. It's like a Nuggets box set that never ends. Great link!
posted by bdk3clash at 10:17 AM on February 1, 2004

*plugs in blacklight*
posted by 2sheets at 11:16 AM on February 1, 2004

[this is good]

and, what jonmc said.
posted by dg at 1:51 PM on February 1, 2004

This is fantastic. I had been pondering posting to ask.mefi asking about some cool artists to check out in this genre - now I don't have to!

By the way, jonmc, all is not lost. The next revolution will be along shortly.
posted by Jimbob at 2:54 PM on February 1, 2004

Wow. It's like a Nuggets box set that never ends. Great link!

Ah, Nuggets.

I love all kindsa music, and the Nuggets box is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to garage.

Rock and Roll's gone off in all kinds of crazy directions over the years, some amazing trips and some merely wild goose chases, but ultimately it always returns to the raw basics. If someone forced me to pick two sets of music to take to a desert island it would be these three sets.

The music in those boxes is where it all keeps coming back to. And it don't get much better, ultimately.

(to all you arty types who would attempt to deny this: In school I met some ditsy bimbo who claimed out loud that Michael Stipe (whom I like a lot) was a greater artist than Elvis Presley. I was tempted to euthanize her on the spot to keep her genes from being passed on to future generations. Elvis would've agreed. So would've Michael Stipe probably)
posted by jonmc at 4:42 PM on February 1, 2004

*makes searching and fearless list of nuggets downloads on k-lite*
posted by sgt.serenity at 5:14 PM on February 1, 2004

good idea sarge, but first get in touch with a higher power
posted by jonmc at 5:52 PM on February 1, 2004

jonmc, may I recommend checking out Rainbow Quartz? They are a fantastic up-and-coming label that specializes in garage pop/rock that more than nods in the direction of the 60's. Many of these groups wear their influences on their sleeves, and they are that much better for it. The label offers free downloads - just click on an artist.
posted by ashbury at 6:16 PM on February 1, 2004

very nice.
posted by LouReedsSon at 6:19 PM on February 1, 2004

Wonderful! Thank you.

(And don't forget The Technicolor Web of Sound for all yer psych rock needs.)
posted by cobra libre at 7:05 PM on February 1, 2004

[this is good]
/ waves at the good sgt.
posted by madamjujujive at 10:13 AM on February 2, 2004

I can't believe I got to this post so late! This is outlandish! I love it. Also, what ashbury said about Rainbow Quartz -- major Byrds style jangle there.
posted by Faze at 10:29 AM on February 2, 2004

/ waves at the mighty juju.
posted by sgt.serenity at 3:12 PM on February 2, 2004

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