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Tune Recycler will take unwanted Pepsi/iTunes promo caps and give them to independent labels.
posted by Mick (18 comments total)
See also iTunes iSbogus: Facelift for a Corrupt Industry.
posted by Mick at 10:12 AM on February 1, 2004

I don't get it--how will the money get to indie artists? Is Pepsi going to pay the other labels like they pay Apple for each redemption?

It's really a great idea tho.
posted by amberglow at 10:14 AM on February 1, 2004

Scroll down:

"When you submit a winning Pepsi code to the Tune Recycler, we'll redeem it for music from honest, independent labels.  There are a few great independent labels in the iTunes store that give their musicians up to 40-50 cents, right from the first sale. "
posted by divrsional at 10:26 AM on February 1, 2004

Isn't this just a way for the people who run this site to get lots of free indie music?
posted by kickingtheground at 10:49 AM on February 1, 2004

i love how they think that matador is an 'indie' label. that is so cute.
posted by neustile at 10:57 AM on February 1, 2004

ohhh...so they're hoping that itunes picks up more indie labels? (even tho they admit that most people who drink pepsi don't use itunes?)
posted by amberglow at 10:59 AM on February 1, 2004

Who gets to keep the indie music once it is downloaded? Why can't I just download the indie music myself?

posted by Slagman at 11:32 AM on February 1, 2004

I will donate 50 cents for every valid iTunes Pepsi code sent my way to charity.
posted by benjh at 11:34 AM on February 1, 2004

Oh. Wait. Though I'm still not sure I get it:

I use iTunes, so why should I send you my bottlecap code?
You shouldn't! If you use the iTunes Music Store, we don't want the cap, you should redeem it yourself.  However, we would strongly encourage you to use the cap to buy music that's not from one of the 5 major labels.  The website RIAA Radar can help you figure out if music that you're thinking of buying is put out by a member of the RIAA. Use the tree to see what labels are just major label fronts.

How do I know you guys aren't just going to buy music for yourself?
Well, we run the music activism project Downhill Battle (downhillbattle.org), which is working to bring positive change to the music industry.  A central theme of our site is that it's simply unethical to purchase major label music.  So clearly, if we wanted free major label music, we’d just take it.  Furthermore, since iTunes is essentially a voluntary contribution system (you're paying for something that you could get for free), there's just no incentive to scam people out of bottlecaps.  We're just trying to make it easier for people to do something good with their caps instead of throwing them away.  

posted by Slagman at 11:34 AM on February 1, 2004

By the way, if any of you out there work for or support major labels and the RIAA but don't have the computer savvy to use Itunes, you can send me your Pepsi codes and I will use them to buy major label music. This way I can ethically obtain major label music without spending my own money. It's a win win solution. You fight Internet music thieves and I get to have the music without compromising my anti-RIAA values.
posted by Slagman at 11:36 AM on February 1, 2004

Wow, newstile, you are so much more indie then them. I'm all a-tremble.

I also don't get it. The site is directed at people who are really interested in supporting indie music, but who don't listen to music themselves? How many of those are there?
posted by mr_roboto at 11:39 AM on February 1, 2004

mr_roboto, that is not what I meant. Matador are owned by the beggars group (an umbrella label that also owns such fake and vanity indies as 4AD / Mowax), are a serious force in the music industry and certainly don't give their artists 100% of their itunes sales. Even though their roster has mostly "indie" acts (the genre not the dogma) they are still a (large) business and are a far cry from an independent record label which has to fight for publicity and P&D.

I mean no indie posturing by my past present or future comments. I really like the song "Milkshake."
posted by neustile at 12:15 PM on February 1, 2004

Lets change the world guys! We can do it! Love over indie rock!
posted by Satapher at 12:34 PM on February 1, 2004

No, it's directed at people who are really interested in supporting indie music but don't use iTunes. I imagine there's a fair number of those. Like me.

Now, if only I didn't think Pepsi was disgusting swill, we might have something...
posted by jacquilynne at 1:00 PM on February 1, 2004

Now, if only I didn't think Pepsi was disgusting swill

...you can win iTunes codes from a particular size (I think it's the "a bit over a dollar" size) of 7-11 Slurpee cup, which you can fill with any flavor selection you like.
posted by aramaic at 1:44 PM on February 1, 2004

Give your codes to me instead. I'll end up downloading the same music as these clowns but without the lame anti-Man posturing. And I'll actually listen to the stuff.
posted by punishinglemur at 3:15 PM on February 1, 2004

neustile: are a serious force in the music industry and certainly don't give their artists 100% of their itunes sales....

What the hell does that mean? Who is claiming 100%? The site itself claims 40-50% in general and they make no claims regarding Matador's specific deals.

>they are still a (large) business and are a far cry from an independent record label which has to fight for publicity and P&D.

Oh wow man, sorry if they got somewhat successful by signing some very decent acts and being business savvy.

From the matador FAQ:
Who owns Matador?
Matador is half-owned by label founder Chris Lombardi and co-president Gerard Cosloy, and half by Beggars Group.
I believe neither group is owned by the RIAA, which is more or less the definition of indie.

Regarldess, this is a pretty stupid idea as net-savvy people who are able to find this site probably have iTunes and wouldnt mind a free song or two and as we've discussed before downhill is sorely out of touch with reality.
posted by skallas at 4:08 PM on February 1, 2004

Neustile you've proved your ignorance with your comments about Beggars, because it would be near impossible to choose a label with a better reputation in the business than them. I know people from Beggars and I can assure you they are a genuinely indie label, in it for the music and incredibly passionate about their artists and output. They are heartfelt contributors to AIM, the organisation which works on behalf of indie labels with the aim of improving opportunities for all indies.

They may not be the smallest one-man-band operation but, relative to the majors, they're still a slim outfit and even for a big independent they're indie-minded. As for not giving artists 100% of their iTunes money, no-one does that - not even CD Baby. And no artist would seriously expect to get 100% of their money when it is the label that has invested in them.
posted by skylar at 12:21 AM on February 2, 2004

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