Kerry & Bush don't just have Skull & Bones in common.
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John Kerry, Garage Rocker? Record geeks have uncovered that John Kerry played bass with the Electras, a Ventures-style instrumental band formed at St. Paul's Academy of Concord, NH. Strangely enough, George W. Bush also has a connection to the sub-subgenre of 1960s garage bands, known as "prep rock." When he attended Andover, Dubya was allegedly a "clapper" with the frat rock band, the Torques, although prep rock aficionados generally prefer other Andover bands, such as The Rising Storm and the Satans.
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I've heard some of the Rising Storm's stuff. It's not bad.
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General George Babbitt, an Air Force 4-star general (retired in 2000), was the original drummer for The Ventures, who went on to record "Wipeout" and the theme from "Hawaii Five-0." Pretty cool.
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Maybe Arf Arf will reissue it!
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Mo Tucker from the Velvet Underground was actually a bird colonel in the 1st SF Group, a graduate of the Belgian commando school and a proud wearer of rare Rhodesian jump wings.
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Mo Tucker from the Velvet Underground was actually a bird colonel in the 1st SF Group, a graduate of the Belgian commando school and a proud wearer of rare Rhodesian jump wings.

Huh? Are you sure you're not confusing her with some random Moe Tucker?
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No, he's confusing Moe Tucker with a drummer.
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Are you shittin' me, interrobang? "Moe Tucker versus Meg White: Original Drum Battle II" is the koolest drummer record ever.
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This reminds me of when Topper Headon became Prime Minister and everyone asked about The Clash instead of policy during PMQ's.
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George W. Bush was a busy little bee at Andover with his cheerleading and clapping, He was quite the social butterfly, and acquired a nickname - The Lip.

XQUZYPHYR - That Carter Blog isn't fo the faint of heart. It seemed to be mostly about Guinea worms : "....Most distressing was the sight of a Guinea worm emerging from a grapefruit-size abscess on the breast of a pregnant 15-year-old girl. She had been treated by a local custom of inserting a hot iron into the lesion caused by the emerging worm.........."
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Lets see, Jimi Hendrix was in the Army for a year. That's where he met his bassist for Band of Gypsies

Not only was he in the Army, he was in the 101st Airborne, and he did indeed meet Billy Cox there. Other musician/veterans include John Prine, John Fogerty, Johnny Cash, and Archie Bell from Archie Bell & The Drells. They recorded "Tighten Up," and "Showdown." Bell was actually recovering from combat wounds in Vietnam when "Tighten Up" hit #1.
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jonmc, how could you forget the King? Y'know: "G.I. Blues"?
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Well, he was drafted after he was famous, and I figured everybody knew that one.
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You'd be surprised, and saddened, at the general paucity of knowledge regarding the King among today's youth.
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The King was singing about "thug life" back when Old Dirty Bastard was still in diapers!
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Well, that was James Cleveland who sang it first, Pollomacho. But Elvis had some thug in 'em. Look at "Jailhouse Rock" and "Trouble."
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Nice try but Elvis hit the top of the charts in 1969 with the song. Candi Stanton was nominated for Best Female R&B performance in 1972 for her version. Cleveland won the Gospel Grammy in 1974 with his album "In the Ghetto." The words and music are by Scott Davis, so I'd assume that actually he sang it first, but the fact remains that Elvis was singing the song "In the Ghetto" while the ODB was less than one year old, regardless of who performed the song first or last.
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HA! I went to Andover and was in a band with Andover mates (Blue Bus), and the one thing I have to say about it is everyone there has an over-inflated sense of self-importance. Our band played in several battle of the bands, won, opened for Guster and others, but to me, that was it, we were a high-school band made of high-school students having fun.

Then I get this email recently where some folks wanted to have a reunion, film it, and make a documentary about it. Let's rent a mansion, drink, jam, and make art of it. Sure, we were good, for a high school band, but we were a high school band still. Considering high school was 9 years ago, I've let it go.

But that's the thing about Andover - it's a kingmaker school for those with the right pedigree or networking skills, but because of proximity, or history, or self-aggrandizement, it makes many students feel like kings instantly, and that's just wrong. Your kids are getting too much positive reinforcement; humility is highly underrated.
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The mac daddy who wrote "In the Ghetto" - as well as that electronic remix favorite "A Little Less Conversation" - was at least a half-country singer. But the whole damn world is country! Dirty South! Fo shizzle, etc.
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My bad, very true raysmj, still it does not change my original point.
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Don't primary voters realize that Bass players are unelectable?
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Incidentally, the album's on eBay.
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