November 9, 1999
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Oh my god. With this new site, Microsoft just crossed an invisible line of decency. Who are they kidding? Would you believe any pro-Microsoft commentary on the site came from a site visitor and not an internal MS employee? They've just lost what little credibility they had left.
posted by mathowie (1 comment total)
Oh gak! Maybe it's because I'm Canadian, and I could stand a extra ounce or two of patriotism injected into my genetic matter, but the stars and stripes overtones of this page just rub my butter the wrong way. Making this issue appear to be an affront basic American rights and freedoms is hilarious. I have always admired Microsoft's hutzpah, but this is verging on the ridiculous. Reading through the policy issues they've lumped in privacy concerns, electronic commerce issues, and commentary on broadband communication in with competition practices - which is fundamentally why this page was created in the first place. Nobody has ever tried to stop Microsoft from innovating. Since when is buying technology and then crushing the competition with it being innovative? Please excuse my obviously biased opinions...
posted by grant at 9:00 PM on November 9, 1999

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