Forbidden Penguin Love
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The love that dare not squeak its name. "For nearly six years now, they have been inseparable. They exhibit what in penguin parlance is called "ecstatic behavior": that is, they entwine their necks, they vocalize to each other, they have sex. Silo and Roy are, to anthropomorphize a bit, gay penguins." A fascinating story on natural occurrences of gay parenting in nature, and how both sides are using gay animals in the fight for/against gay rights. (non-NYT link here)
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pretty much already hashed over here.
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Oh, hell. You'd think searching for "penguins" would have been enough. Me = poo.
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WHO CARES? Animal != People

Gay animals does not prove/disprove anything about gay people.

...but still I wonder: can these gay penguins get married in Massachussetts?
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