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The history of the BBC
A chronological history of everyone's favourite broadcaster, from Guglielmo Marconi to Ricky Gervais.
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And here's why it might be no more. Blair Gov't Breaks up the BBC<a
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All the BBC I can get is BBCi (International). I followed the 2nd Gulf War and 9/11 on BCCi,Euronews and Foxnews and it seems to me that BBCi and Euronews did an excellent job, with BBCi offering detailed up-2-date coverage with no evident political spin or innuendos.

That is to say it appears to me BBCi is the channel closest to the ideal of "reporter journalism" in which facts are reported, both faces of controversial issues are described with as many details as possible and there is no room for political pseudobattles and spindoctors and nobody can shout to to cut somebody else microphone because he doesn't like what is being said.
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audio clips from the likes of the goons and kenny everett, at the radio academy hall of fame.
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Say, do they include the leftward bias lurch of the BBC in the 1990''s and beyond?
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PP, how much of the BBC's output have you seen/heard?

Anyone who thinks there is a single BBC voice, like it's controlled by some Ministry of Information in a Orwellian nightmare, is quite mistaken.

Still, you ignore the fact that the Beeb is excoriated by the govt. of every stripe: a good sign of broadcasting with integrity is if you piss-off both the Tories and the Labour Party.
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Scary Duck on the BBC
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