That’s some bad pilot
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‘That’s some bad pilot.’
"Mrs. Homer’s soft voice curdles when she describes his reaction: "I can’t get over what Bush said when he was called about the first plane hitting the tower: ‘That’s some bad pilot.’"
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wow. juju... :) you beat me by a few seconds.
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Wow, special 420k! And I bet you were sitting on this since before the Great Mefi Outage of '04, too, just like I was. I thought it was a compelling read.
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nah... just happened upon the observer in my bookmarks - my hair stood on end after reading the article. chilling reminder of the awful day that so many have had to live with since - with their questions about why and how this happened left unanswered. there are so many.
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which "they" are you talking about? ...
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