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ping pong [note: shockwave]
posted by crunchland (10 comments total)
intense! heh. i like how the ball can curve.
scholer 19, me 21
"unbeaten" my ass, scholer! unbeaten my ass!
posted by Peter H at 10:06 AM on February 18, 2004

sheezus, that's tough. Great find, chrunchy!
posted by notsnot at 10:08 AM on February 18, 2004

You can play this online against other people at

Of course, it does cost, but they have a lot of neat little games.
posted by qDot at 11:05 AM on February 18, 2004

I love it, crunchy, this is great!
posted by Lynsey at 11:32 AM on February 18, 2004

Yeah, I beat scholer too, but Matsushita kicked my arse. Fun fun fun! thanks, crunchland.
posted by shoepal at 11:34 AM on February 18, 2004

all right! I saw this (somewhere else) about a year ago, and got schooled all around. This time, 21-17 me in the first game against Scholer. I guess he's their whipping boy.
posted by bullitt 5 at 12:16 PM on February 18, 2004

I found a couple of really funny bugs in this game. One is that you can get an ace every time (with Scholer) by serving from the center of your side to the right-back corner of his side (just a mild/straight serve). He misses it EVERY time (if you do it right). The second bug is that if you serve the ball into the net, you can just keep pounding it until you get it to bounce back far enough. Then you just hit it back over the net, and the opponent hits it back to you again! It's a really funny bug. =)

I had played a similar version of this a couple of years back (Shockwave as well). But this one seems much smoother and more fun. Thanks Crunch!
posted by Rattmouth at 12:23 PM on February 18, 2004

Shufflepuck Café!
posted by Fofer at 8:17 PM on February 19, 2004

Superb implementation of ping pong, the best I've seen. Great link!
posted by chrid at 2:01 PM on February 20, 2004

Has anyone gotten past the first guy?!? Yikes!
posted by nyukid at 1:55 AM on February 21, 2004

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