even I hadn't heard of this before.
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Online Prayer Labyrinth This is an online translation of the Cathedral Labyrinth created by London alternative worship groups Grace, LOPE, and Epicentre. It is currently touring UK Cathedrals during 2001 - 2003. Youth For Christ are running/hosting the tour. The original is described as 'an interactive installation for spiritual journeys'. It consists of a pathway mapped out on the floor for visitors to follow. During this journey participants pause and listen to a piece of music and a meditation. They also undertake some symbolic action or ritual.
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The site's really interesting at first, then it starts to seem like a Fruitopia ad, but more annoying. Basically, it blends the stench of patchouli with the less sensical aspects of religious proselytizing, and I think that most of us can do without both.

The narrator told me that planting a seed was co-creating something with God, but I don't think that you should get an award just for sticking something in the ground. A special mention or just a "thanks" at the Seedies (the seed industry award show) would probably be appropriate. If I were God (and I might be), I'd be pissed at someone trying to steal my glory.
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I thought it was lovely.

But then again I seem like a Fruitopia ad a lot of the time, too.
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I've walked labyrinths before, and I find this a very powerful mindfulness practice. This is a great link, thanks, konolia.
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Thanks for a little fresh air, konolia.
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