Boy discovers self kidnapped.
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Boy discovers self kidnapped fourteen years earlier. Mother then arrested. Yes, link but a damned weird story.
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Its not so much like kidnapped like they're making out but, um, what's the term these days? Abducted? Family-member-abducted?

Carted off by moms, in any case, not dragged off the street and "surprise Bobby! You were kidnapped! And all this time you thought the closet was just a really small room."

Not that its a great thing to find out in any case, probably a little resentment over whatever story covered "what happened to dad?" issues...
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I can't get over this story--i wonder if he was googling his name? I saw a thing on MSNBC last night about this, and a canadian social services person said the kid is just devastated, and not talking to anyone--the mother, the father or social services...I can't imagine what's going thru his mind. And I wonder what the mother said about moving away from the father? abuse?
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There are definitely some serious issues to figure out for this guy. The abstract is kind of funny but the reality is a bummer for all involved.

I'd be very curious to know why she left and what story she gave the boy about her husband, his dad?

I don't know why the kid would be pissed at his father though, he is as much a victim in this as he is.

Sad situation all the way around.
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kid is just devastated, and not talking to anyone--the mother, the father or social services...
10 years of his life has been a lie...his age plus this now would be devastating on a teen.
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i know thom--it's just awful. (unless the father really was abusing them or her or a sibling or something)
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(i guess i've seen too many cheesy tv movies about this running away thing)
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i know thom--it's just awful.
What may be worse, he has no one he can trust.
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fenriq - I'm not sure he's pissed at his father, but he's probably feeling VERY confused right now and may not even know what to say to him.
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You've gotta wonder what prompted the authorities to give the kid to Dad. The default is generally Mom, so for Dad to get 'em Mom usually has to be pretty bad (or at least portrayed as such and have a lousy defense lawyer). And Mom's behavior does seem a bit suspect, running to mexico and 2 failed marriages. But it's possible this is all circumstantial. S**t happens, and sometimes you're there when it does.
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And I thought those kids who got their parents busted for smoking dope by being manipulated into ratting them out at a DARE assembly felt shitty.
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For some reason this strikes me as fodder for a Douglas Coupland(esque) novel.
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OK, who's read "The Face on the Milk Carton"? Life imitates fiction.
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By the way, the dad had sole custody when the mother abducted the child, so ehintz... probably Dad got custody because mom was the kind of person who would do this to a kid.
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The mum would have painted a very bad picture of dad, I'm very very sure. This is what mums do when they divorce from their children's father and don't want any more contact with the father. They poison the kids with lies. So now the kid realises his mum has lied to him all those years - his dad was not an axe-murderer or rapist or child abuser. My guess is that the kid will slowly come to resent his mum more and more.

The mother will hopefully receive a very long custodial sentence.
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