Psychedelic researcher drops out - r.i.p. Dr. Osmond
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"To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic" - Dr. Humphry Osmond, medical hallucinogenic pioneer and the man who gave Aldous Huxley the dose of LSD that inspired The Doors of Perception recently passed on. To place the man in his milieu, visit Acid Dreams to see an acid timeline and a who's who of the era, stop by the acid blotter art gallery, and if you have the bandwidth, check out the classic video clip of LSD being tested on British soldiers.
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Osmond's work reminds me of the recentish story on iboga. A nice counterpoint to Leary's "turn on, tune in, and drop out." I suppose.

As far as I can tell Alexander Shulgin is one of the only remaining LSD researchers still out there doing his thing.

BTW - I found the bits about The Brotherhood of Eternal Love as entertaining as the British soldiers.
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I wonder if he had the opportunity to take LSD on his deathbed as Aldous Huxley did.
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That video.... holy crap!
"The efficiency of the rocket-launcher team was greatly effected" and "The captain himself then relapsed into laughter" are absolutely golden.
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"You see that sh*t Blow up? Man HAHAHAHAHA, Dude, I am so stoned..."
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Good post. Thanks, juju.
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Ahh, that video was the best!!

The body language of the guy trying to use the radio near a tree convinces me this is legit. Nice link
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Timothy Leary's dead...

No no no no, he's just outside, looking in...
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Ace post madamjujujive.

Especially liked the video. The recruitment department should pick this up and run with it.
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That video really made me laugh; I kept waiting for John Cleese or Eric Idle to show up. The efficiency of the rocket launcher team indeed! Great find.
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Actually, I'm pretty sure mescaline inspired the Doors of Perception, not LSD ("he dropped a pinch of silvery white mescaline crystals in a glass of water and handed it to Huxley"). Nice Post, MJJJ!
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Love the British soldiers. Great post!

Thanks togdon, fascinating reading. I had not known Alan
Watts was connected to Leary. I got the sacrament from someone connected to Watts (Donny the Punk).

Leary isn't dead, he's still living in my head.
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Ah! The memories that video conjures! Kick ass post!
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For a current take on what he calls contemporary shamanism, I recommend Daniel Pinchbeck's Breaking Open the Head, which consists of both personal experiences and an exhaustive review of the literature. He drops the ball a bit when he dismisses psychedelic rock out of hand, but otherwise, it's a thorough and couragous book. (His site's forum is pretty busy, too.)
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Fun post MJJJ. :) My best friend and I, back in the days when we were young, stoned and trying to run a pirate radio show, thought it would be funny one night to do the show tripping. We thought we were brilliant. We laughed and laughed. The audience was just confused...but hey, I'm sure that was true of the nights when we weren't stoned too...
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great post. i'd never seen that video b4. based on the effects, i'd say that psychedelics are probably the best weapon of mass construction out there. ;p

from my own experience, i would definitely endorse the idea of psychedelics as treatment for mental illness.
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[ this is good ]

[ and so are psychedelics :-) ]
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