Walking with Vermeer
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Walking with Vermeer - stroll through 17th century Delft via movie clips based on original drawings. Or tour his house and studio via a 3D model to see a full inventory of household objects and to get some homely historical perspective on making love, birthing babies or dealing with trash and excrement. And if you want to research further, Essential Vermeer is the definitive resource for everything from historical research to current exhibits.
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Well, now I know how to rid myself of those pesky anal worms. And I didn't even have to go to AskMeFi. Thanks, madam!
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Absolutely fascinating! Thanks, Juju!
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Great post, juju! Thanks!
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Wow, great post indeed. It is even more interesting to read about ancient Delft (actually, the city is over 750 years old) when you were born and raised there. Sorry that you didn't have that luxury, but I enjoyed it to the fullest. ;-)

For future visitors: "Delft is an historically significant city, which has been in existence for over 750 years. It has many old buildings and several very old churches. One of those churches is euphemistically called the "new" church, but dates back to the 1200's! It contains a mausoleum for the deceased of the Dutch Royal family.

Delft was also the home of prince William of Orange (1533 -1584), who is considered the founding father of the Dutch nation. He unfortunately was assassinated there too. His home, the "Prinsenhof", is now an art museum, and visitors can still see the bullet hole in the wall next to the staircase, where he was shot.

Delft is also renowned for its canals and its "Delft blue" pottery" (source)
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Speaking of Vermeer's studio, you can read a great New Yorker article about David Hockney's arguments for Vermeer's use of photographic lenses there. Now a book (cf. this title, which you can browse).
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Great post. I really love getting to learn about artists and writers in the context of their lives and eras.
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I planned to post the first link a few years ago when a friend of mine was working on the project. It seemed at bit too much self-linking, so I'm glad it's posted now!

I love Vermeer's work. It's such a shame that there isn't a single painting in any museum in Delft. Even the famous "View of Delft" is in The Hague.
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