Searching for a Virtual World?
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Searching for a Virtual World? Then you might want to start with the VirtualWorldsReview.
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looking at the images on that site made me wonder - are all avatars on these sites young, thin and with a decent income? are there sites where you can get fat people, or old people, or people with dirty clothes, or people in wheelchairs, or with walking frames or little buggies, etc?
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Andrew, I play Second Life, there is a huge mix of avatars on there - fat, thin, young, old, etc. - due partly to the massive array of creative tools available to the players and partly due to the type of people who play it. I can definitely recommend it.
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Neat stuff, fun to play around with but I'm not sure I really see the point. Is it really just chats with figures running around?
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That's right, Fenriq, that's right. Nothing to see, move along.
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what's a good free mac-world out of these? (or are none free?)
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An in depth look.
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I've been playing There since January 5th. Although "playing" isn't exactly right as it's not really a game. Chatting is a big part of There, although there are activities such as buggy riding, hoverboarding, hoverbiking, quests, owning/building homes, etc.

The avatars in There are said to be about 25 years old or so. You can customize size/shape/facial features/skin/hair quite a bit.

There has a free two week trial period. That should give you a good idea as to whether or not it's your cup of tea.

If anyone is interested in trying it out, email me and I'll give you my avatar name so I can show you around.
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