Can you spell Innuendo, children?
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Rainbow Innuendo Episode Evidentially Rainbow was a children's show in Britain (Canada?) in the Late 70's - early 80's. (I never heard of it till now here in Ohio.) Anyway, wether this went on the air or whether it was just a gag reel for the cast and crew... I doubt anyone will know. I went out and found the full 16MB MPEG version for downloading, because I love ya. Must be seen to believed. Possibly NSFW. Maybe. Can't believe your ears/eyes? Want to see the script? Here ya go.
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Cheers Dome-O-Rama, that's superb. I find it very difficult to believe that would have been broadcast, particularly in light of the fuss there is over other UK kids shows which were never full of entendre but are imagined to be.
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The MonkeyFilter thread on the subject has a good explanation of where this came from, and no it was never broadcast in the original time slot aimed at kids.
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And don't forget to check out Zippy Swears. This certainly didn't get broadcast to kids.
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Oh no! My twanger's bent from all this playing.
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Hilarious!! Downloaded for keeps. Thank you.
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Whoa, that was funny. Thanks, 'Dome.
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Jeez, reads like a Greg the Bunny scene...
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Sometime in 1980 or '81, I was in high school on a weekend debate trip. My roommate and I stumbled across a children's TV show that featured a dragon who was concerned that his flame (from his mouth) wasn't big enough to impress the female dragons. Of course, another character eventually taught him that it wasn't the size of his fire breathing that impressed the ladies, but what he could do with it. I'm not making this up...
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Many thanks, Dome. But how can they deliver those lines with such straight faces???
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I think this was an attempt by somebody to copy the hype that came out of the "Captain Pugwash" brouhaha. Every Brit I ever met claims that this children's cartoon was taken off the air when, after several years, adults noticed that some of the characters had names like "Seaman Stains" "Master Bates" and "Roger the Cabin Boy" Ask your Britoid friends - they all claim it is true and that they saw it.
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Re: Pugwash

Urban myth. As this handy document relates the characters names were:

Captain Pugwash
Pirate Barnabus
Master Mate
Pirate Willy
Tom the Cabin Boy

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