Give Me Liberty or Death for 25 Cents
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Telltale Weekly launched today. It's public domain meets Creative Commons meets Ogg Vorbis. Their mission is to build a free audiobook library of public domain texts. Four are available now, but Twain, Chekov Doctorow (Corry, not E.L.) and more are on the way.
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Make that "Chekov, Doctorow (Cory, not E.L.)"
posted by turbodog at 10:38 AM on February 27, 2004

In any case, I agree with Cory: this is a great idea. It's only natural that the Project Gutenberg texts make it into audio format.
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This will be an awesome resource for teachers, I hope the word gets out about it.
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Someone should tell grumblebee.

This is hott indeed, but still I wonder: $1/half hour seems like a lot. Not that I don't want the producers, readers and webhosts to get paid a fair amount, but a lot of recent unabridged audiobooks run for a good, oh, 12 hours. Maybe they're not looking at offering works of that length, but that's $24 -- almost exactly the same price as a pro work of that length from Amazon, which offers truly professional production/voice work and a hard copy.

I think an aggressive program of two-for-one, or something like it, would probably do them well.
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Could another way of doing this that might be lighter on the bandwidth would be to put up a good text-to-speech program, and encode the text file with different voices and intonations throughout with xml or summat?
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syscom: since PG is the source for texts, you could do that for yourself now.

blueshammer: but, unlike the audiobook from Amazon, in 5 years it'll be in the public domain.
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in 5 years it'll be in the public domain.

No, it will be released under a Creative Commons license, which is
not the same as being in the public domain. But yes, even the Creative Commons license is very different from the audiobook from Amazon.
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